Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dawlance Refrigerator Prices

dawlance pakistan Monogram SeriesDawlance refrigerators are the most popular and the most purchased electronics in Pakistan. No one can live without a refrigerator at their place and Dawlance offer them the best market. Dawlance Refrigerator Prices in Pakistan vary according to their models and designs. You can see the Dawlance Refrigerator Prices according to their models below:

Model: 9188 WBM, Size: 9188 WBM, Prices: 29, 400
Model: 9188 M, Size: 9188 WBM, Prices: 26, 600
Model: 9175 WBM, Size: 9175 WBM, Prices: 26, 700
Model: 9170WBS, Size: 9175 WBM, Prices: 25, 800
Model: 9144 M, Size: 9175 WBM, Prices: 22, 200
Model: 9122 M, Size: 9175 WBM, Prices: 20,400
Model: 91996 M, Size: 9175 WBM, Prices: 3000

Dawlance Refrigerators

Dawlance refrigerators are available in many colors and styles. Pure White, Silver & Black colours are available in Dawlance refrigerators catering to the needs of those who want a stylish and modern appliance in their homes.

The Dawlance refrigerators in Pakistan come in three series. These series are:
Dawlance Monogram Series
Dawlance Designer Series
Dawlance Metallic Designer Series

About Dawlance Company

Dawlance is mainly know as good quality, affordable price products and the management always focused on these aspects. Dawlance started its operation in 1980 and positioned itself as reliable and inexpensive brand. Recently, Dawlance offers reasonable the prices of its products not only to facilitate its consumers but also set a trend in market.


It is the largest in its class, rustproof from head to toe and powered by the world’s No.1 compressor (Danfoss). This low-noise compressor is extremely silent and keeps the refrigerator running smoothly. The compressor is also well prepared to face Pakistani electrical outages, it remains functional on voltages as low as 170 volts and has an upper limit of 250 volts.

PELCRYSTAL refrigerator’s cooling performance has been tested and approved by Danfoss (Germany). The refrigerator is available in a wide range of colours like beige and green in PCM. CRYSTAL refrigerator comes with 3-year compressor and 1 year parts warranty.


This is the most important department regarding the future of company as a market leader this department is constantly in-touch with market to know about customer preferences and specification for products.
              After through analysis of customer expectations this department then give its recommendations to the top management to being changes in the product for market success. This department conduct surveys in market to get information. This department is also responsible for bringing new technologies in the products


This department looks after the manufacturing of products. This department is given targets by top management to produce a specific number of products which are ascertained by previous sales data and market conditions. This department is responsible for quality control as well i.e. it sees there are no defects or any shortcomings in the product. It also overseas new technologies and also to remain updated regarding any new machinery or other equipment for better product performance. After manufacturing a new product it is sent to Germany for technical assessment to Danfoss company. After approval from it then its bulk production is started.


DIRECTOR YOUSAF. H. ISHAQ. Then Further down in hierarchy there are:-
X Brand Managers.
X Manager Distribution Credit.
X Customer service officers.
X Institutional sale Manager.          
               There are six branches of PEL in Pakistan.
They are Headed by Regional Sales Manager. (RSM).
              The sales policies are recommended by head office for all region. The policies for customer service are defined by General Manager Customer Service at head office. Targets are given to regional sales Manager of each particular region and then the RSM gives further target and incentives to sales officers to achieve the demand targets